Anashakti Foundation

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Sodepur , Boardghar 700110 Kolkata, West Bengal
Phone: (905) 155-9930

Welcome to Sodepur Anashakti Foundation.

Our Sodepur Anashakti Foundation rehabilitation center is for the alcoholics, mentally challenged and drug addicted people which was set up on 10thjuly 2013 . Our team comprises of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, general doctors, ward boys and yoga instructors. We try to provide the best care to our patients through treatment and assessment. Our main purpose is to make our patients accepted in the society making them members who are more responsible.

In our De-addiction centre based in Boardghar, Sodepur (near Kolkata), we offer several rehabilitation facilities and treatments that help our patients to get a better future and cheerful life.

Strategy of our service

  1. We at Anashakti Sodepur Foundation believe in togetherness. Because of our dedicated time to this organization, we are totally isolated from our favourite and love ones. Firstly we work in believe of togetherness as togetherness give us a support to stay clean and make a recovery path smooth. We work with a vision of offering high quality de-addiction therapies to the addicts and help them to get back to the normal stage of life.
  2. Our mission is to offer multi-disciplinary approach in order to improve the lifestyle of the individual coming to us with distressing effects of psychoactive addiction. Teaching skill is very essential in our socio-economic factors.
  3. We take it as our personal responsibility to ensure great standards of professional conduct with every people coming to us for getting rid of their addiction as we also believe in relationship.
  4. In our organization, we firmly follow the living ethics and offer compassionate, humane, as well as expert care. Our working staffs are dedicated to emphasizing the dignity of the individual.