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As stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), addiction is an extremely critical brain disease caused due to the continual use of a compulsive substance over a prolonged period. The addicted individuals are known for being intensely focused on either alcohol or drugs or both to an extent that it takes a toll on their everyday life. Many people can also develop addictions to cocaine, marijuana, pain killers, inhalants like glue and paint thinners, etc. They give in to their cravings even after being acquainted with all deadly consequences. However, one can easily get rid of such issues and lead a normal as well as productive life by going through effectual treatment procedures.

The effects of varied kinds of addictions (mood altering substances and alcoholism) are somewhat similar to the impacts of chronic illnesses such as blood sugar (diabetes II), cancer, and cardiovascular issues. In both cases, the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of a person is severely hampered. According to the latest reports, the percentage of deterioration is same in addiction and other diseases.

It is in 1969 that addiction was categorized and described as a disease. The decision was made by the Committee on Drug Dependence and was published in the Sixteenth Report provided by World Health Organization in Geneva (Technical Series, No.407).

Individuals, who are generally addicted to drugs, use these abusive substances, in order to escape from reality. An alcoholic depends upon hard drinks so that he can acquire peace of mind or become excited for the time being. Any addiction for that matter effectually transports a person to a state of euphoria however, if it turns to become a progressive ailment, a person might find him or her in the deathbed, a rehabilitation centre, or jail.

Not only drug addicts, but their family members also have to go through a tough time. In case, the progression of the said disease is not obstructed immediately, there are high chances that a person would suffer from critical breakdown in his or her life.


  1. Anashakti Foundation De-addiction Centre, located in Sodepur, near Kolkata, provides the addicts with diverse therapeutic sessions, in accordance with the intensity of the damage inflicted upon them.
  2. We introduce varied kinds of productive activities so that an individual can overcome his or her addiction, develop personally, and experience an increase in the levels of self-esteem or confidence.
  3. Our counselor of Anashakti Foundation De-addiction Centre makes use of strategies and teaches the addicts coping skills, which are necessary to alter their behavioral patterns. Our 12 by 12 systematic program carves out a definite path for recovery.