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‘Addiction is the PRISON where the lacks are on the inside.’

Both drug and alcohol addiction has always been considered as a curse. Hence, it not only affects the abusers but also directly hampers the family around.

Drug Rehabilitation Centre Kolkata- We Care & Treat Drug Addiction

Alcohol or drug dependency enhances unmanageability in life that could lead to mental disorder or even death. Do you want to overcome alcohol or drugs addiction? If yes, you can feel free to rely on us. We are a renowned alcohol, drugs and mental illness rehabilitation centre in Kolkata helping people to recover from alcohol, drugs and mental illness(who effected by psychoactive substance) addiction.

Our module of therapy and treatment for drug addicts and alcoholics are proven scientifically. We offer patients with effectual solutions that can help them to lead a better life in the future. The methodologies we follow are categorized in three phases:

  • Detoxification– The procedure that removes the craving of alcohol and drugs from one’s body.
  • Rehabilitation– The core reasons that led to the addiction are addressed and the patients are offered with the self-help therapy modules by 12-by-12 step program. The program conduct with Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Family Counseling, Substance Abuse classes and counseling, Physical Checkup, Life Skills Training with daily practice, Recreational Activities, Yoga, Fitness Training.
  • Follow up Programs– At our alcohol, drugs and mentally illness rehabilitation centre in Kolkata; we conduct follow up programs to the patients with a transitional, supportive time for recovery to maintain balancing for better lives.

It has been argued that mood altering chemical addiction is essentially feelings & emotional problem and a consequence of series of depression, phobia, nightmare and lots of negative thinking. Our treatment process provide foremost step to be taken and followed in the recovery process of de-addiction.

Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Kolkata- How Are We Help

  1. At our alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Kolkata, the first step in the recovery is the meditation and yoga that helps to calm the mind.
  2. We organize recovery classes to aware and support the patients to teach about the side effects of addiction.Teach about the addictive personality and behavior which will harm our life lot more. We are giving motivational support to back them in cheerful lives. This helps to motivate them to recover fast and get back to productive life.
  3. Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Kolkata also provides recovery program of 12-by-12 step to confront reality and physical check up to the patients.

“It’s not the drugs that make a person drug addict, it’s the need to escape the reality”