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Mental Illness from Addiction- We Help you to be mentally stable and support their family.

When you suffer from psychiatric problems due to an excessive addiction to drugs and alcohol, it can turn your life upside down. Some people even cannot recognize what is going on in their life, mainly during the initial phases of psychosis or in the earlier stages. It is very important to know about the symptoms and early developmental stages of psychosis, or else it can be challenging for your mental health. Doing an extensive assessment is very important to strategize the recovery planning.

The mental illness is a type of medical condition that normally disrupts one’s thinking, ability to work and mood. Even some can feel isolated from the daily routine. As like diabetes can hamper your pancreas, the mental illness brings disorder on the overall functioning of your body. Mental illness can include depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and the Schizophrenia. Out of 5 people, one may suffer from mental illness due to addiction. Why not spread your hands to help that “one”.

Mental Illness from drug abuse

Excessive intake of drugs and alcohol can cause you mental illness. This can change your mood and feelings. Your abnormal psychiatric behavior can also affect your family life.

  1. We provide treatment procedures for psychological rehabilitation therapy for mentally challenged people.
  2. We bring about changes in the individual’s environment so that he can get the power to recover and deal with the environment.
  3. Our psychiatric rehabs help in the recovery with full integration and assessment. We try to improve the life of the persons who have been diagnosed with any mental disorder.